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Peer-Reviewed Book

Contentious Compliance: Dissent and Repression Under International Human Rights Law (with Emily Hencken Ritter). 2019. Oxford University Press.

  • Replication Files

  • 2020 ISA International Law Section Best Book Award Honorable Mention

Peer-Reviewed Articles

Judicial Decisions on Electronic Control Devices and Police Escalation of Force (with Sophia Hatz and Kristine Eck). 2024. Forthcoming at the Journal of Politics.

  • Appendix & Replication Files

Using Committee Amendments to Improve Estimates of State Foreign Policy Preferences (with Nathan W. Monroe and Shengkuo Hu). 2024. Forthcoming at Conflict Management and Peace Science.

Detecting Anomalies in Data on Government Violence (with Kanisha D. Bond, Dylan Moses, and Joel W. Simmons). 2022. Political Science Research and Methods 10(3):634-641.

Policing and Political Violence (with Kristine Eck and Charles Crabtree). 2021. Journal of Conflict Resolution 65(10):1641-1656.

Conceptualizing and Measuring Institutional Variation in National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs) (with Ryan M. Welch and Jacqueline H.R. DeMeritt). 2021. Journal of Conflict Resolution 65(5):1010-1033.


Monitoring via the Courts: Judicial Oversight and Police Violence in India (with Shengkuo Hu). 2020. International Studies Quarterly 64(3):699–709.

Legislative Process in International Organizations (with Nathan W. Monroe). 2020. International Studies Review. doi:


The Differential Effect of "Democratic" Institutions on Dissent in Dictatorships (with Ae sil Woo). 2019. Journal of Politics 81(2):456-470.

Repression Substitution: Shifting Human Rights Violations in Response to UN Naming and Shaming (with Jacqueline H.R. DeMeritt). 2019. Civil Wars 21(1):128-152.

Threat Perception and American Support for Torture (with Sarah E. Croco, Brad T. Gomez, and Will H. Moore). 2018. Political Behavior 40(4):989-1009.


Torture and the Limits of Democratic Institutions (with Daniel W. Hill, Jr. and Will H. Moore). 2018. Journal of Peace Research 55(1):3-17.

Who Tortures the Terrorists? Transnational Terrorism & Military Torture (with Justin Conrad, James Igoe Walsh, and James A. Piazza). 2017. Foreign Policy Analysis 13(4):761-786.

Preventing and Responding to Dissent: The Observational Challenges of Explaining Strategic Repression (with Emily Hencken Ritter). 2016. American Political Science Review 110(1): 85-99.


Human Rights Treaties and Mobilized Dissent Against the State (with Emily Hencken Ritter). 2016. Review of International Organizations 11(4):449-475.


Divergent Incentives for Dictators: Domestic Institutions and (International Promises Not to) Torture. 2014. Journal of Conflict Resolution 58(1):34-67.

Tyrants and Terrorism: Why some Autocrats are Terrorized while Others are Not (with Justin Conrad and Joseph K. Young). 2014. International Studies Quarterly 58:539-549.


Torture Allegations as Events Data: Introducing the Ill-Treatment and Torture (ITT) Specific Allegation Data (with Jillienne Haglund and Will H. Moore). 2014. Journal of Peace Research 51(3):429-438.


Treaties, Tenure, and Torture: The Conflicting Domestic Effects of International Law (with Emily Hencken Ritter). 2013. Journal of Politics 75(2): 397-409.


Constrained by the Bank and the Ballot: Unearned Revenue, Democracy, and State Incentives to Repress (with Jacqueline H.R. DeMeritt). 2013. Journal of Peace Research 50(1): 105-119.


Disaggregating Torture Allegations: Introducing the Ill-Treatment and Torture (ITT) Country-Year Data (with Jillienne Haglund and Will H. Moore). 2013. International Studies Perspectives 14(2):199-220.


Constrained Concessions: Dictatorial Responses to Domestic Political Opposition. 2011. International Studies Quarterly (55): 1167-1187.


What Stops the Torture? (with Will H. Moore). 2010. American Journal of Political Science 54(2): 459-476.


Measuring Government Duration and Stability in Central Eastern European Democracies (with Sona N. Golder). 2010. European Journal of Political Research. 49(1): 119-150.

  • Appendix & Replication Files

Other Publications

Will H. Moore's Enduring Contribution to Peace and Conflict Studies (with Jacqueline H.R. DeMeritt, Daniel W. Hill, Ryan M. Welch, and Joseph K. Young). 2019. Conflict Management and Peace Science doi:

Torture and the War on Terrorism. 2017. The Oxford Handbook of Terrorism. Erica Chenoweth, Richard English, Andreas Gofas, and Stathis Kalyvas, eds. 2019. Oxford University Press.

Why Do Courts Protect Human Rights? Investigating the Mechanisms by Focusing on Police. 2018. Newsletter of the Comparative Politics Section of the American Political Science Association 28(1):19-23.

Introducing the Ill-Treatment and Torture (ITT) Data (with Will H. Moore). 2016. Newsletter of the Comparative Politics Section of the American Political Science Association 26(1): 98-99.


How Opposition Cooptation and Institutional Constraints Affect State Repression
in Autocracies
(with Ae sil Woo). 2016. Newsletter of the Comparative Democratization Section of the American Political Science Association 14(1): 2.


Unintended Consequences: The Effect of Advocacy to End Torture on Empowerment Rights Violations (with Jacqueline H.R. DeMeritt). 2014. Examining Torture: Empirical Studies of State Repression. Tracy Lightcap and James Pfiffner, eds. Palgrave MacMillan.

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