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Graduate Students


Peter Carey - Dissertation co-Chair (co-Chair: Emily Hencken Ritter)

Nicholas Cruz - Dissertation Committee Member (Chair: Haifeng Huang)

JunHyeok Jang - Dissertation Committee Member (Chair: Haifeng Huang)

Kimberly Fruge (FSU) - Dissertation Committee Member (Chair: Sean Ehrlich)


Shengkuo Hu, Data Scientist - Dissertation Chair

Kelly Morrison (Pittsburgh), Assistant Professor, University of Tennessee - (Chair: Burcu Savun)

Ae sil Woo, Assistant Professor, Gettysburg College - Dissertation Chair

Oskar (Timo) Thoms (Princeton), Instructor, Carleton University (Chair: Andrew Moravcsik)

UCM Undergraduate Research Assistants

Kimberly Farias

Kennan Conner

Alyssa Conroy

Anupam Dhillon

Kimberly Farias

Dong Kang

Eddie Lucero

Alison Luna

Christian Lucero Gates

Nishant Malapatti

Dylan Moses

Ricardo Robles

Omar Salem

Sahib Singh

Lila Suboh (UCLA)

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