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About the United Nations Voting and Process Project

Welcome to the United Nations Voting and Process (UNVP) homepage.  UNVP is a collection of country voting data on UN proposals in committees and the plenary.  This data includes detailed information on:


  • UNGA Proposals Sponsorship

  • UN Committee Votes

  • UN Plenary Votes


Visit the UNVP Data webpage [HYPERLINK] to download the codebook and datasets. Collecting this data has taken a long time and been difficult task where we have been careful to try to detect and fix errors and omissions.  That said, please contact us if you notice any problems.


See the UNVP Publications page [HYPERLINK] to see other works that use this data.  As a side note, we are working on a number of projects using this data.  Please contact us if you use these data in your own work so we can include the appropriate citations on this webpage and in our projects. 


If you have questions about UNVP data please contact Courtenay Conrad ( or Nathan Monroe (

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